Morning Routine

The stereotype is that all yoga instructors get up with the sun, meditate for an hour in lotus position followed by a full hour of Vinyasa flow. After all of that they take the time to cook an extremely healthy breakfast which is eaten mindfully with tea.

Ha! Not me!!  I will admit, even though I am a yoga instructor + wellness coach I am far from a morning person. I have tried multiple times throughout the years and it just does not work for. And I am ok with that.

Here’s what I found works for me…

    • Lying in bed, with my legs in butterfly pose and focusing on my breath for several minutes.
    • Then I snuggle with Izzee, my sweet pup.


      • Before I stand up I sit up + stretch gently. Usually a seated forward fold and a butterfly stretch.
      • Next, I let Izzee outside. I walk outside with her, close my eyes, breathe in the fresh air and go through a few 1/2 Sun Salutations. If it’s too cold or rainy, I stand in the doorway taking those deep breaths.


  • Followed with tongue scraping, teeth brushing, and drinking a cup of hot water with high quality organic lime essential oil + Ayurveda herbs.

After all of that, which does not take very long, I begin getting ready for my day. That consists of black coffee + breakfast.

Scrambled eggs, quinoa, greens + avocado

and usually entails packing a change or two of clothes, food/snacks and a water bottle. Oh, and don’t forget the laptop + journal.

If I have an appointment/class free morning, I will enjoy my coffee while writing a new post, networking or journaling.


I have come to realize that not every morning will look like this. Be kind. Allow yourself to stray if needed, for whatever reason. Then, begin again. No need to stress about it.

Have you found what works for you? Tell me here in the comments or post a photo to Instagram + tag @rockwateryoga.

I look forward to hearing how you spend your morning!



Repeat Often

Walk outside
  Touch your bare feet to the Earth
  Close your eyes
  Inhale slowly
  Hear the sounds swirling around
  Exhale completely

Feel the cool air caress your skin
  Inhale deeply
  Smell the odors of morning dew
  Exhale controllably
  Open your eyes
  See the beauty sprinkled about

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What do you choose?

Cool morning
Sipping coffee
Thoughts racing
Chaos ensues
Page is empty
I remember…
I chose
To live wholeheartedly
Be vulnerable
Making each moment magical
Each experience precious.
Opening my heart to
deep connections
passionate adventures
heartfelt experiences
Only I know
the inevitable is just around the corner
It will bite me in the ass or
Stab me in the heart
It’s only a matter of time
But without all that,
I lose so much more of life.
I will
Break myself open
over and over again
Hold strong
Love uninhibited
Have courage
Be me
Let my light shine
Live life fully.

Morning Mind

Blurry morning staring into the dark.
Mind tugs ... 
climb back under the embracing warmth of the covers.  
Something inside eases the tug as I stand in the doorway,
feeling the cool darkness of night hanging on.
Embracing energetic movements as the night breaks way to morning, 
intoxicating my senses, 
melting my heart with the miracles of the day.